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2. The Liberal Catholic Church and the Co-Masonic Order were said to be two organizations specially chosen by the Lord Maitreya to carry out your work. Now you tell us that all ritual and ceremonial are unessential and step down the Truth.

KRISHNAMURTI: I still maintain that all ceremonies are unnecessary for spiritual growth. How glad you would be if I were to say in a very authoritative manner that they are or that they are not necessary! How delighted you would be if I said, "Please go on performing your ceremonies", or else, "Please cease performing your ceremonies" -then you could feel at rest. Because I do not say that, because I do not base what I say on authority, you are puzzled, and in your anxiety there is confusion of purpose, which emphasizes the unessential and loses sight of the essential. I say that all ceremonies are unessential for the fulfilment of life. But you will say, "What about the ceremonies of the Liberal Catholic Church and Co-Masonry?" Friend, you must decide. It is not for me to decide. How happy you would be if I decided for you! You are all like little children who cannot stand on their own feet and walk by themselves. You have been preparing for seventeen years, and you are caught in your own creation. Do not use me as an authority, do not say that Krishnamurti disapproves of ceremonies. I neither approve nor disapprove. If you want to perform ceremonies you will perform them, and that is a reason sufficient in itself; if you do not want to perform them you will not perform them; and, again, that is a reason sufficient in itself. These difficulties only arise when you are trying to obey, when you are frightened -frightened that you may lose the spiritual manna which you think exists in your particular organization. No organization, however seasoned in tradition, however well-established, contains the Truth. If you would seek the Truth you must go out, far away from the limitations of the human mind and heart and there discover it -and that Truth is within yourself. Is it not much simpler to make Life itself the goal -Life itself the guide, the Master and the God- than to have mediators, gurus, who must inevitably step down the Truth, and hence betray it?



Jiddu Krishnamurti, Let Understanding be the Law. The seventh International Camp of the Order of the Star.

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