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eBook - Freedom From the Known by Jiddu Krishnamurti

Man has always asked the question: what is it all about? Has life any meaning at all? He sees the enormous confusion of life, the brutalities, the revolt, the wars, the endless divisions of religion, ideology and nationality, and with a sense of deep abiding frustration he asks, what is one to do, what is this thing we call living, is there anything beyond it?

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Freedom From the Known - Krishnamurti.

eBook - Krishnamurti, His Life and Death by Mary Lutyens

What of the boy Krishna? A tremendous power. Why did they pick on me?

The aim of this book - His Life and Death - is to try to discover the source of the revelation on wich the teaching of Krishnamurti is based, to illuminate the nature of a most remarkable human being, to trace the course of his development and see his long life in perspective...

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eBook - The First and Last Freedom by Jiddu Krishnamurti

Man is an amphibian who lives simultaneously in two worlds - the given and the homemade, the world of matter, life and consciousness and the world of symbols. In our thinking we make use of a great variety of symbol-systems - linguistic, mathematical, pictorial, musical, ritualistic. Without such symbol-systems we should have no art, no science, no law, no philosophy, not so much as the rudiments of civilization: in other words, we should be animals...

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The First and Last Freedom - Krishnamurti books online.

eBook - Krishnamurti's Notebook by Jiddu Krishnamurti

In June 1961 Krishnamurti began to keep a daily record of his perceptions and states of consciousness. Apart from about fourteen days he kept up this record for seven months. He wrote clearly, in pencil, and with virtually no erasures. The record starts abruptly and ends abruptly. Krishnamurti himself cannot say what prompted him to begin it. He had never kept such a record before, nor has he kept one since.

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Krishnamurti's Notebook - Krishnamurti books online.

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