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The Pilgrim and his Holy Pilgrimage

Part 2. The Pilgrim and his Holy Pilgrimage

Chapter 2. Go beyond the limitations of the language

What I speak is not gathered from books, but what I have discovered and I am living

For myself, what I am speaking about is not derived from books. It has not been gathered from various kinds of books, digested and then put forward in a different language so that you will understand it. It is not all that kind of explanation, that kind of understanding of the fundamental reality. What I am putting forward is the product of my own experience.

The reality of which I am speaking is one which lies hidden in the heart of everyone and which as an individual I have discovered and which I am living...

From my point of view, the individual is everything. In him is the whole universe and the moment he enters into reality, he is at peace with the universe and becomes a living flame which shall purge the world of all its unessentials, stupid, childish things.

In the confusion and turmoil of life, in its continual bustle and conflict, every individual throughout the world is caught. To understand the meaning of it, one must first grapple with it intellectually and afterwards put one's intellectual theories into practice.

Since thought comes first, it is very necessary that it should be true thought. You have to find out what it is that this life, centred and focused in the individual, is trying to do.

Do not judge by the expression; gather the significance, implication not expressed

Naturally in a talk like this, you must try to get at the significance of the words I use and not be content with the literal meaning. That is, you must gather the full meaning, the full understanding of what I am saying -the implications not expressed in words, feeling and thoughts- and not merely judge by the expression which I shall employ, because if you do, we shall misunderstand each other completely. I am going to use words which have no traditional meaning, which have the ordinary meaning of daily life, which you would employ at every moment of the day.

The inexplicable is being explained by ordinary words; step beyond the illusion of words

If I had a new vocabulary, it would be all right but that would mean my learning a new vocabulary and your learning a new vocabulary. So by using ordinary words, not philosophical or technical words, and trying to explain those things which are inexplicable with ordinary words, there is naturally a limitation. But surely the limitation of words is not going to be a limitation of Truth. Not to me, anyhow. To me there is a vast experience, immense, which every human being must have, in which he must live and have his being concentrated. It is the whole sky and words are like windows. You can't translate the whole sky into words. But if you step beyond words -then the illusion of words disappears.

Words cannot express the fullness of living; experience it in your daily life

Words that express what one has experienced and is continually living cannot convey to another the fullness of that experience. What I want to describe cannot be grasped merely by the intellectual significance of words. The reality of what I say can only be experienced in your everyday life.

Catch the glimpse of the whole; do not dissect the part

As far as I have been able to see, you only take a part of what I say and dissect that part. And that little part has no value detached from the whole. It is the whole that matters, the complete unity of the whole of life. And its various struggles, strifes, pains, sorrows, can only be understood when you have caught a glimpse of the whole.

The Pilgrim and his Holy Pilgrimage

Part 2. The Pilgrim and his Holy Pilgrimage

Jiddu Krishnamurti. The Pilgrim and his Holy Pilgrimage is a very rare selection of Krishnamurti writings.

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