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9. Have you one teaching for the masses and another for your chosen disciples?

KRISHNAMURTI: I have no chosen disciples. Who are the masses? Yourselves. It is in your minds that the distinctions exist between the masses and the chosen ones, between the outside world and the inner world. It is in your minds that you corrupt, step down the Truth. O friend! if you are in love with life, you will include all things, transient or permanent, in that love. You want to have a special teaching for the chosen few, because in your heart there is segregation, separation; and you wish to confine the pure waters of life and keep them for yourselves. Can you ask the sun if it shines for the masses or for the chosen few? Can you ask the rains whether they are meant for the plains or for the mountains? If you do not understand you will, as has always been done, make this teaching for the few, and so step down the Truth and betray it. Because there is limitation in your heart, you divide the water of life which is meant for kings and for beggars alike. Whether it comes out of a golden well or out of a running stream the water is the same and quenches the thirst of all without separation into colours, castes, creeds, and the specially chosen. It is because for so many years, for so many centuries, for so many aeons, Truth has been limited and stepped down that you wish to do it again, and you are already doing it when you ask, "Is Truth meant for the masses or for the chosen few?" You say that the masses do not understand; that it is too difficult for them to grasp; that it is only the few who can climb high. Do you think I have not as much affection and love as any one of you? But because I have been through all your stages I say: Do not go through those stages but avoid them, put them aside, and gather your strength as men who climb high.



Jiddu Krishnamurti, Let Understanding be the Law. The seventh International Camp of the Order of the Star.

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