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5. You say that there is no God that there is neither good nor evil; that there is no moral law. In what way, then, does your teaching differ from that of an ordinary materialist?

KRISHNAMURTI: My teaching differs entirely from that of the materialist and if you have not perceived it, I am sorry for you. I have never said that there is no God. I have said that there is only God as manifested in you, and when you have purified that which is within you, you will find Truth. Of course there is God but I am not going to use the word God, because it has got a very specific, narrow meaning. To some it suggests a strong fist of anger; to some a being with a long beard; to some an Omnipotent, Omniscient, Supreme Intelligence. I prefer to call this Life, because it brings you nearer to the Truth; because you have to contend with that life itself and not with the worship of some exterior being, thus deceiving yourself. Truth, which is life, is like the sunshine, and if you are wise, you will open your windows to it; if you are unwise, you will draw down your blinds. If you were in love with life, then these images would have no value.

"...that there is neither good nor evil." Of course there is neither good nor evil. Good is that of which you are not afraid; evil is that of which you are afraid. So, if you destroy fear, you are spiritually fulfilled; but if you are conditioned by fear as you are -there is evil, there is good, there is morality to uphold you in your weakness.

When you are in love with life, and you place that love before all things, and judge by that love, and not by your fear, then this stagnation which you call morality will disappear; then you will consider how much you are in love with life, not how much evil, how much fear exists in your heart. Or rather, you will judge by your love, not by your fear. I know that you are told never to judge; but as you always do, why not judge truly? And to judge truly, you must be in love with life, and then you will never judge at all. Because you are not in love with life, you judge by your standards of morality; by good and evil; by the fear of heaven and hell; and hence place a barrier on that love, that understanding of life.



Jiddu Krishnamurti, Let Understanding be the Law. The seventh International Camp of the Order of the Star.

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