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4. We have been told that the World-Mother will manifest in order to complete your work and that the disciple through whom She will work has already been selected. You tell us that these distinctions of male and female do not exist in Truth because Life is one.

KRISHNAMURTI: I say that Life is one, though the expressions of Life be multitudinous. In Truth there is neither male nor female; how can there be? You have a body different from mine; but do you not have the same sorrow, the same pains, the same anxieties, and the same doubts? What you need is to have a clean mind and a loving heart, and then all these things will not matter. No one is going to complete my work except you. You can either pervert it and corrupt it, or keep it pure. No one is necessary to complete my work except yourselves. Perhaps what I say does not suit you and so you want another image to worship; and you will have that image of your own making, whether it be this or another. As long as you do not want the Truth in its absolute sense, as long as you do not want freedom, you will invent for yourselves many phrases, many images, many labels, and lose yourselves in the complications of philosophies and creeds. If you desire the Truth, as a drowning man desires air, then you will not want all these complications. You would much rather be satisfied with easy, pleasant, smooth things, than face a hard struggle with yourselves, understand yourselves and thereby conquer.

Do not quote me afterwards as an authority. I refuse to be your crutch. I am not going to be brought into a cage for your worship. When you bring the fresh air of the mountain and hold it in a small room, the freshness of that air disappears and there is stagnation; and no man who is wise will allow himself to be caught in those things that pervert and bring about the stagnation of his mind and heart.

As I am free, as I have found this Truth, which is limitless, without beginning or end, I will not be conditioned by you. You may throw me out of your hearts and your minds, but I will not be utilized as a crutch or held in the cage of your small deceits.



Jiddu Krishnamurti, Let Understanding be the Law. The seventh International Camp of the Order of the Star.

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